About us

The small town of Golegã will be holding, on May 27st, 2017, for the fourth year in a row, the XTerra Portugal. Since the very first day, when Dave Nicolas invited and motivated us to take part of this event, we have given our very best! One of our advantages is that we are a very well settled and coordinated organization, even though no one here, at Núcleo do Sporting Clube de Portugal da Golegã, is a professional – unlike most of the XTerra World Tour organizers – something that could have worked against us. All hands on deck and the results speak for themselves: three XTerra editions filled with success, in a place that excels in conditions to host a XTerra; and the feedback given by the athletes are a true gift and a continuous inspiration that makes us want to go even further! The challenges are endless but those who do it for pleasure, never get tired. It’s 365 days thinking about XTerra as our greatest goal is to innovate and best to grow with safety.

That growth has to be done within our parameters; the local organizers don’t need to make up new things; instead they need to show the world what we have best to offer: without rain there’s no mud, without sun there’s no dust. To our guests, we will give them what we know best: good trails with perfect marking – all marked 15 days prior to the event, – a great Pasta Party; and an unforgettable award party that will remain in your memories! But we have more: Golegã offers wonderful accommodation at unbelievable prices, a various number of restaurants with high standards, a nice and lovely reception, like only we can offer! 

My challenge for you: come to XTerra Portugal, try one of the toughest MTB courses in the XTerra circuit and finish it with a smile on your face!